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Do you know how compatible coverfloader is with most games?? I used to have the HD loader for PS2 and it claimed it was compatible with everything but dual-layer dvd games would never work, and i havent been able to find a compatibility list.

ps thanks for the cIOS's ill install them right now actually
and i think it's cover floader 1.2 that i have.
Coverfloader is very much like USB Loader GX in having an extremely active project group. Revisions are issued almost multiple times each day. Accordingly, both loaders generally do very well with the vast majority of games. Problems can pop up with the timing of the revision that one has installed at any time. USB LoaderGX and Coverfloader fans have learned that if the latest version they downloaded is bit wonky, to either go back a few versions or just hang on because a new version or three will be along shortly.

Coverfloader 1.2 came out Aug 20 at revision number ~920 or so, as of today the revisions 978, 979, and 980 was made available: wiicoverflow - Project Hosting on Google Code

I know USB Loader GX can play dual-layer games-I think there are only 2 or 3 right now for the Wii? I presume Coverfloader does too.