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Thread: USB Loader GX freezes after i load it

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    Quote Originally Posted by IRONWOLFUK View Post
    sorry to jump on your post i am also having problems

    Installed cIOS rev 14, and release 778, open it in homebrew channel (also upto date) and it works for around 10 seconds then just crashes and resets to homebrew channel.

    If i dont have the USB drive plugged in, it works fine, no crashes (but whats the use in that!) HD is a WD Passport.

    is there like a reccomended cIOS and USB Loader GX i should try to ensure both are working, or are they any settings i can use to stop this happening.

    If i am quick enough i can load the game i want to play and it works.. (renamed Wii sports resort so i can access it quickly !)

    Any help, as i really wanna play metroid trilogy!!

    thanks in advance guys

    There are default serttings where the loader will look at the fixed directories on the SD card, if anything is set in the settings in GX it will use those. maybe if you unplug the HDD goto settings and check they are set to USB and not SD

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    many thanks for the above info, had a play last night, and found out it was only crashing when i got to mario and sonic at the olympic games.. so i have deleted that and everything is working perfect now!! very happy

    thanks again


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