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Thread: Problems Running GC games through both SD and USB

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    As long as you could get the disc to read in your Wii then yes. The drive doesn't need to be fully functional so long as the Wii can read the disc at least partially (for the one time verification process).

    There are some specific drives out there for PCs capable of reading GC and Wii discs, I can't remember which though so I will have to refer you to google on that one.

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    I want to thank you guys for the help, but this wasn't worth stressing over anymore. After realizing that, regardless of what direction I took, I was likely going to be spending more money, I made the decision to just go buy a Gamecube.

    I'll leave this thread here in case the information you've provided is conducive to another's ordeal, or in case another soul comes along with a solution to my problem.

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