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Thread: usb loader and priiloader questions

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    usb loader and priiloader questions

    1. When I'm in USB Loader GX > select a game to play > then want to exit game > how can I exit back to USB Loader menu so i can select another game to play right away? Right now I have to go all the way back to the Wii system menu and open up mu USB Loader channel again.

    2. I want to load USB Loader channel right away when system starts instead of Default system menu. I have priloader installed and If i go to Priloader Settings, it does give option of loading system menu, home brew, etc., but does not give me option to start from the USB Loader......any ideas?


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    Go into usb loader GX main settings then choose loader settings and look for the option "Return To" you can make it return to the USB GX forwarder thus loading back to USB GX instead of the Wii menu.

    As for bypass the menu on boot up, if that's what you wanted to do, I'm unsure how to do that. I know you can, I just don't know how aside from it involved Priiloader.

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    You have to download the forwarder .dol file from the gx source page. I think its called ForwarderV5.1.dol or something similar. Put that on the root of your SD, launch priiloader, then select Install file and install it. Then in the priiloader setting select boot to:installed file.

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