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Thread: Couple questions

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    Couple questions

    Hello all, just inherited a Wii (just the console and cables) and looking to softmod. I have experience with modding on my ps2 but i'm just curious about a couple things (considering i've never even owned one).

    1. Can everything be done with a Classic Pro controller? Everything from doing what I need to mod, navigating menus, and playing ALL games? I'm mainly looking to play older titles.
    2. Is a sensor bar required?
    3a. Is Nintendo 64 emulation working well? Last time I remember hearing of it being very choppy.
    3b. Is there a difference between playing backups of, for example, N64 Virtual Console titles vs. emulated backups of N64 titles?
    4. Should I update my Wii prior to modding? I'm assuming a big no on that, but hey I figured i'd double check. Only asking cause the guide on here says it'll work on "any" version.

    Thanks in advance. Nice looking community here.

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    1) no
    2) yes
    3) some games are some aren't
    3b) difference in what way?
    4) It would depend on what version the wii is on at the moment but in most cases it would be a no and just follow the softmod any wii guide


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