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Thread: Black screen when loading gamecube backups from external hdd

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    Quote Originally Posted by llaffer View Post
    It is also possible that the hard drive isn't compatible with GameCube games. Usually, if they work for Wii they will work for GC, but I've seen some that works for one and not the other.

    We have a USB compatibility thread in the forums you can search for.
    I took a look at it and none of my drives are in there. Ill add them after I test this. Just tested the game on two other usbs, a 32gb pny atache, and a 16gb pny. Worked on 16gb. Im gonna try what I did for the 16gb on my 1tb and 32gb. I think I may have done something really dumb. Just to be sure I'm going to reformat the 1tb again.

    It seems that my 1TB hard drive and my 32Gb dont work with gamecube games. Its unusual that the 32GB doesn't because its the same brand as my 16GB. Thanks for all your help guys! Looks like ill have to deal with 16GB's at the moment.
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