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Thread: BootMii question

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    Not sure if I can start BootMii from the HBC.
    If I put the bootmii folder on the root of my SD, it directly goes to bootmii when I power on my wii.
    I renamed the folder to _bootmii in case I need it sometime.

    All good to go!

    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDaddy View Post
    I do know that the BootMii button on HBC only works for the IOS version of BootMii, if it's installed over boot2 then you won't be able to launch it through the HBC. ...
    I second that.
    I did play with the bootmii.ini file a bit.

    I used:

    After this, when you power on the wii, it goes straight to the channels menu.
    If you start the HBC and choose to start bootmii, it works like a charm!
    Also if bootmii is installed as boot2.

    Just a heads up on the subject.

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