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Thread: Bootmii loaded as IOS and HBC not working ... help pls!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dniMretsaM View Post
    My best guess is that he somehow removed/modified whatever IOS the Homebrew Channel was installed on (not sure what that would be since I don't know what guide he used). Those guides can really screw things up, can't they? Anyway, as long as his Wii is working (except homebrew), I don't think the any Wii guide can hurt anything.
    Yes, if the guide is not accurate it can damage the wii or Brick it.
    No, I don't believe the Soft Mod will do any damage to his wii.

    I'll PM you in a moment.

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    Hi guys - tx all for the help - I'm following the tutorial by dniMretsaM as suggested and doing so VERY SLOWLY to make sure I skip nothing ... just mentioning in case you're wondering where I am .... I will let know soon how it goes! Tx again .... !

    OK - here's update: Loaded Casper-Hakmii-fix onto SD card - ran Letterbomb (wilbrand wouldn't run on my pc for some reason) ...
    Then took SD to Wii and booted - clicked on the red bomb on Wii and Casper loaded up ... heart started to pump harder! ,, then ... a black screen with broken white text dump appeared and everything halted!



    I wanted to try reinstalling just HBC and to get Bootmii IOS to work, as I DO have a backup of my NAND when all was working ...
    If I use just Letterbomb or even Wilbrand, I can get to the point of installing Homebrew and it says installed ... however, Bootmii will not install as it gives the follwoing error: "Uninstalling bootmii/IOS ... Removing title 0x00000000 Deleting 2 tickets -- ES-deletingticket failed for ticket view 1:4354"

    I am simply assuming that it may be a previous installation that is perhaps corrupt that the system is trying to remove before installing the new one?

    Also, after doing this and exiting the menu, the Homebrew page loads up (the one with the little blue bubbles rising) but there is nothing else on the page -- if I press the HOME button, it gives the menu, but Bootmii is not included so I can't do the restore of my NAND!

    Any further advice perhaps?

    I feel as though I am so close to solving this, but just missing something!

    Tx a mil



    Managed to run Homebrew! YAY! I used SysCheck and DOP-Mii and they seemed to fix something! At least now my channels are working again and the system is no longer rebooting!

    Now - I still can't get Bootmii to install though (as mentioned above) so can't restore my previous NAND backup ... also, preloader will also not install - gives a IOS error when I try ...


    Getting there!

    I'm over the moon - IT's WORKING!!! Managed to install ModPack as well and slowly all seems to be coming right ... preloader is now also installed and working, as is BootMii ... AWESOME!
    Now I must just get my HDD connected and working and all is done! This old fart can learn new tricks!

    Boy have I learned a lot!

    Tx again to all for the encouragement!

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