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Thread: Getting to know my premodded Wii?

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    Yes, your wii will be able to play back-ups and originals after the mod.
    Trust me everything will work , as long as you follow everything to a "T" in that Guide.
    I would use a 1 gb or 2gb sd card for the mod, then use the sdhc card afterwards.(Just transfer everything from one sd card to the other.)

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    I (think) I've successfully remodded my Wii, but now I have duplicate channels on the Wii Menu for every app that I already had before I remodded it. I.E., I have NeoGamma and USB Loader GX twice. How do I fix that properly?

    Also, the old one can load up even without the SD card inserted. One of the USB Loader GX's uses 54 blocks, the other 24. I'm pretty sure the older one is the 54 blocks, but I want to make sure that it is, and I also want to make sure that it's safe to simply uninstall it from the Data Management menu.
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    As long as the Wii was equipped with a DVD-Rom which reads DVD-r (backups), any softmod will definitely keep the inherent ability to play at your wish, thru NeoGamma. Playing disc, either retail or backup, thru NeoGamma is nice and block-updates from the disc. nice enough ?
    safety net is always be with u.
    use standard SD card to do softmod is highly recommended. For normal use and SAVE, SDHC is your option.

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