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Thread: How to update Softmod in a Wii without bricking the *#&$ out of it?

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    Update went well, I'm on newest softmod and it seems that everything is working, games are running back on IOS249 but because the Guide installed some crazy CFG USB loader version, I see that every game runs on different IOS (it automatically detects?)

    Need to do some research what Version I'm running now, because I was on v70 and now Im on v70r34 and I'm not sure is it official release, beta or what, It wasn't on update for my previous version so I don't know. For the rest of thing I need to test everything and It's 03:07am now so I don't think that it is right time to do so

    Edit: Ok I've done quick google, everywhere is v70, what is that r34 and where does it came from?

    EDIT2: Also one things wonders me, Before this Update I had like 760 free blocks of memory on my wii, now i have 680 free, Any way to reclaim this space?
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