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heres is another question.. when you hack the wii doe sit boot up and the wii menu look "normal" (i.e like it did before hacked) thus anyone whos clueless about mods/hacking would even know anything was different aside from a few new "channels"?

Also can you delete unwanted channels without bricking your hacked wii? For example if the wii is hacked and you only care about the USB loader and the backup/disc loader can you delete the homebrew channel. bootmii (assuming that snot vital to the two programs you want) etc etc?

Lastly is there a way that once its hacked you put in a backup disc and the game will show up on the wii menu normally (just like a normal non backup wii game) and you load it just like that or does the disc loader HAVE to be used? (same question again but for the USB loader this time). (dont wanna worry about kids touching bootmii or the home brew channel or messing with the wrong stuff and thus bricking or messing up the wii)
Personally I have my Wii boot into my USB loader, so the kids have instant access to all of the games. However, they do use Netflix and WiiWare so they often drop to the system menu. I did put a few channels on the last page (like the backup HBC) to keep them away, but my 5 year old just loves to shuffle my channels around from time to time. Can't really avoid that one.