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Thread: Need help on questions

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    1. Try resetting your connection in system settings.
    2. Go buy them and rip them.

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    Ok guys something else now that the wii is softmoded and all can i get to use all the aps and normally use a 8gb sdhc instead of my 4 gb sdhc
    *2*i am using wii flow to play skyward sword and it is a little slow i think or at least when pressing A to sprint it does not look very gluid of fast there any configuration i should do for it
    *3*when wanting to quit from the game played from wii flow and press home button to return to wii menu the wii frezzes and have to reboot ,, is there any way to make it so that it quits to return to wii flow or homebrew channel or not freeze??

    Rreally thnx in advance

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