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Thread: Should/How do I update my r 348 Wiiflow?

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    I meant going through the D2x V7 installation guide again. I'd rather shoot myself in the head instead of having to go through the entire softmod guide again!

    I just didn't get how I was supposed to s
    elect IOS36 or 236 to use during the installation. I saw no option to do that on the installer.

    Also, I'm not sure if this is right, but I understand that I was supposed to intall IOS 247 to 250, each one on a different base. Is that it? Can you see by the syscheck if I did it right?

    Could the
    D2x V7 be the problem?

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    Here you Go..

    MMM Install Instruction's.

    Also you can't install cios247 in to the slot of cios250.
    They each get there own slot.
    The only difference is the base ios they use..example cios249 uses base ios56, this means ios56 is patched to the cios 249.
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