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Thread: WBFS and Mac - Need help transferring ISO

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    WBFS and Mac - Need help transferring ISO

    Hi guys,

    I spent a fair amount of time hacking my Wii about 6 months ago and muddled through everything until I was happy with the results. I could rip games directly to my harddrive and I was able to transfer an ISO of Xenoblade Chronicles (which I've since ordered now that it's coming to NA). I am trying to transfer an ISO of The Last Story which I intend to pre-order if I like the first few hours. Problem is, I honestly don't remember how I got the ISOs on my HDD in the first place!

    I have a 1TB Hitachi HDD formatted to FAT32. I can see all of my games on there and they're all in their own folders. There are either 1 or two .wbfs files for each game. I tried to convert my Last Story ISO to wbfs using Wii Backup Fusion (after reading forum advice) and transfered it to my HDD. It looks like:

    root/wbfs/The Last Story/SLSP01.wbf1 and SLSPO1.wbfs
    (I named a new file The Last Story and set that as the destination in Wii Backup Fusion)

    When I plugged my HDD back in and booted up USBLoader the game didn't show up at all.

    Did I miss a step or do anything wrong? Is my file destination wrong? I also have the WBFS for Mac program but it doesn't recognize my HDD as it is formatted to Fat 32 and I'm not sure if I even used it the first time around.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Try renaming the 'The Last Story' folder to 'SLSP01'. That's all the advice I got. Other than that my directories look exactly the same as yours and all my ripped wii games work fine.

    Not sure if it really matters, but what loader do you use?
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