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Thread: Homebrew installed... need help installing a loader. (please)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjizzle View Post
    Ok I was bored so I made you a special mod pack. Download this file:for pain in the ass and extract it directly to your sd card. Your Wii needs to be connected to the internet to do this.

    1. Launch the HBC and then launch IOS236 and install it.
    2. From the HBC launch MMM, then select the bottom option to reload to IOS236.
    3. Use the wad manager, select the wad folder and install the two wads included.


    Thank you so much. Easy Install. WiiFlow now works. I just have to figure out how to format my drive to wbfs.

    I assume the wad's were patched IOS versions? Would I need any others for game compatibility? I noticed the two wad's match on the wiiflow wiki list.

    For anyone else who might see this:

    When running IOS236 Installer - press the right d-pad button until Download IOS from NUS and read the last bit about piracy carefully. You do not want to be a pirate.

    I had a few issues with downloading the IOS from NUS. My solution was to "test connectivity" under the wii's wifi connection, and then run the installer.

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    Your choice on the drive format, but WBFS format is ancient by wii hacking standards. You can use fat32 or ntfs as well. Fat32 is recommended.

    Those 2 wads should give you complete compatibility with all your Wii titles.

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