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Thread: Wii games on HDD keep freezing

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    My drive is set up properly. It's definitely not a bad dump cuz all of the games worked for months. They only recently stopped working. What happened was I didn't have the proper ios setup and tried to install the WiiMC channel forwarder. It gave me an error about ios 58 and didn't work. I decided "oh well" and forgot about it for a few days using my wii only for videos for those days. After those few days I attempted to play New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which had played perfectly before and suddenly it started crashing a few mins into gameplay. I then tried other games and they all either do that or don't even load in the first place (black screen), or various other variations of the same issue depending on the game. I've been trying for weeks to get some help with this and no one has been able to yet. Everyone just keeps assuming I haven't tried anything else and just immediately asked for help. I've looked over and over the FAQs and guides on this site and have tried everything I can find with no luck. As said before I also remodded it with the guide here and now the WiiMC channel forwarder installed as the ios is setup correctly but the games still behave the same. If someone has any idea what's wrong I would be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance for any useful hints.

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    Post a system check.

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