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Thread: Stock english 3DS firmware tends to crash

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    Stock english 3DS firmware tends to crash

    Nintendo has responded to some 3DS owners who say their consoles suffer from “the black screen of death” – an error which requires the player to reset their console.

    According to numerous forum posts, a number of consoles seem to be prone to crashing while playing any launch title or using built-in 3DS apps.

    A black screen appears telling the 3DS owner that an error has occurred and asks them to restart the console.

    Nintendo UK told NowGamer that in order to solve the problem, users should download and install the latest system update available online.

    If the problem persists, Nintendo said users should contact their Nintendo customer service centre for further assistance.
    Source- silicon

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    So they are just taking a stab in the dark and assuming the update will fix the problem
    They are getting as bad as Microsoft sending out software for the consumer to be the guinea pigs lol

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    i was going to post a new thread but found this lol

    We picked up on stories circulating (some first hand via TSA writers) earlier in the week that Nintendo’s new 3DS was crashing with what’s since been dubbed the ‘black screen of death’ by some.
    Although there’s no ‘death’ involved – the worst that happens is you need a reboot and you lose any progress since the last save – it is frustrating, and although we’ve only personally seen it happen with two games there’s been no real word from Nintendo about how to fix the problem other than the usual ‘try the latest firmware’ line we’ve seen around the ‘net:
    “If anyone is experiencing any problems with their Nintendo 3DS console, we recommend that in the first instance they download and install the latest system update, now available online,” said a spokesperson on Monday.
    However, as the problem settles and people stop overreacting, it’s clear there’s a pattern emerging – and it seems to be linked to whether or not your Wi-fi connection is on.
    We don’t know much more yet, but from taking samples from various message boards (including NeoGAF) the general consensus appears to be that most, if not all the crashes, happen when the 3DS’ network slider is at the ‘on’ position.
    Any 3DS owners out there like to help verify this for us? It’s obviously something we’re hoping can be fixed via a new firmware update, but in the meantime at least we can try to figure out any constants.
    It’s also worth reiterating that any such crashes are few and far between, some of us haven’t seen any at all and the vast majority of users are perfectly happy.

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