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Thread: Be Aware of Impending April Fool's Day Prank

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    hahaha i wish i would have fallen victim to this.. it was rather funny on the psp when i exited recovery flasher it said " flashing IO ... just kidding " or something of that effect being the first device i had ever messed with i was quite scared at that moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cornflake123 View Post
    How many of you who didn't get the April fools joke in Priiloader also have the auto press A at health screen activated? I have 2 Wii's set up the same except for one has that auto A set and the other does not. I only got it on the one that does not have auto A set.
    I have auto press a and never got the message
    (My dad would have flipped if he saw that!!)

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    I also have the auto press a at start. I'll deactivate that hack and set the calandar back n see what I'm curious now, but didn't someone verify that the prank coding was taken out with the continuation on priiloader? Who knows... But I'll test the auto press a thing a little later when I get home. But something tells me it's not gonna do it. Maybe it only does it with Wii's that were modded a long while back and had preloader installed.

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