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Thread: NASA Announced Finding About Extraterrestrial Life

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    cool. The universe is too big for us. there must be other living things to share it.

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    NM, its in the US contrary to popular belief
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ithian View Post
    I don't think our planet is the only that could support life, but the odds of there being other intelligent life which has developed to a similar or more advanced state as/than we have could be astronomically low.
    There could also be an astronomically high level of things in outer space that have not been identified yet,
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    Quote Originally Posted by LiNkZoR View Post
    There could also be an astronomically high level of things in outer space that have not been identified yet,
    Yeb called Earth like us,but it must me billions of them up there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddgriffin View Post
    even though there is no reason religion and science should work against each other
    Sure there is. Being religious makes you completely suspend logic in favor of faith sometimes. Not mocking anyones religious choice of course...I believe in everyones right to believe in or not believe in whatever they want as long as they are not spreading hate or forcing religion on others. It's just that there are elements of religion that make no sense, can't be proven, are physically impossible, and deny scientific fact that can't be question because an ancient text says different. I.E. Dating the Christian bible back puts their God creating the world roughly about 6000 years ago...Twice on top of that. You get some really weird theories when people try to mix science into their religion or religion into their science. The two can't peacefully co-exist other than on a personal level.
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