Sensing your balance was just the beginning; now Nintendo has learned to sense your fear.

Miyamoto was really busy in London on Friday. He had time to tell the Associated Press that his biggest focus is currently education and he's putting the DS in Japanese schools. Then he hopped over to the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and picked up a Fellowship, joining the ranks of Fellini, Hitchcock, and Kubrick. He even had time to do an exclusive interview with games™ magazine, and discussed one possible way to use the upcoming Vitality Sensor.

Quote Originally Posted by Shigeru Miyamoto
"Whenever we are going to use any new device it is possible to expand the appeal to those who are new to the videogaming world. At the same time, however, it is also fun to think of ways in which we might apply that new technology to exisiting forms of gameplay – just like the way we are working on the new Legend Of Zelda together with Wii Motion Plus. So maybe you might like to ask me to incorporate the Vitality Sensor into Zelda so that as you become more scared, the enemies become even tougher."
While this doesn't confirm that the Vitality Sensor will actually make its way into the game, it does show that Nintendo is considering using the device to enhance traditional genres. Iwata will be announcing the first software for the Vitality Sensor at E3 this year.

I certainly hope the final unit isn't as bulky or uncomfortable as a medical vitality sensor, but the idea of any game (especially Zelda; a favorite series of mine) changing tactics based on realtime readings from the player is very, very enticing.

Source: VGChartz