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Thread: A New Way to use your Hacked DS!!

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    A New Way to use your Hacked DS!!

    Canon DSLR cameras get Apps thanks to hacked Nintendo DS

    This is really cool if you are into photography hardcore....

    Quote Originally Posted by Pocket Lint
    A group of photographers have taken their need to control their Digital SLR a little too far it seems; creating a controller out of an old Nintendo DS, some coding and a soldering iron.

    The Open Camera Control project has been created for "Hardcore" photographers that "need more than the final picture spit out as four-by-six snapshots to be emailed to family and friends". The system has already been used in the production of visual effects for Twilight 2, 2012, Sucker Punch, and Paul.

    While the project acknowledges iPhone applications and programs already out there capable of doing the task at hand, the creators of the project state that they just aren't good enough.

    "Each with advantages and drawbacks. We have tried them all", the group claims before getting to the good bit of showing you how to create your own control system.

    The instructions, which aren't for the faint-hearted, will let you do a number of things with your camera that you didn't think possible.

    Apps already available for download include the ability to set a timelapse with built-in alarm and the ability to set your camera to go off when you clap your hands rather than by pressing the shutter button.

    There's even a dev kit for those that want to really get involved.(Pocket Lint)
    More Info: Open Camera Controller Introduction

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    This is exactly why nintendo needs to quit fighting homebrew, and make the next DS homebrew friendly.


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