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Thread: Rumor: Next Nintendo Console May Use New Intel Processor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cid6.7 View Post
    Stick a Nvidea GTX 280 lol I have one in my pc it rocks any game on max setting's..

    If their going towards a "family" atmosphere I suggest ditching the gay little round bubble characters we all aint 2 yrs old..Something definatly needs to be done..
    LoL yeah its called buy an xbox360....atleast your avatar does not look weird there even though M$ stole the idea from the wii.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBlair View Post
    Intel shouldn't even be in the GPU business, leave that to Nvidia, ATI and some others. I hope Nintendo chooses nvidia for their next console because nvidia shows a lot of promise, especially with their tegra chip in the Zune HD. ATI has really disappointed me, for the fact that their graphics card in the Wii can't do native 720p. It may be because of the lack of drivers (take a look at any phone with the Qualcomm 72xx series with ATI's GPU) or that Nintendo doesn't seem to care for better graphics with the new user/fanbase. But no one except ATI or Nintendo really know the true capabilities of the graphics card. I do have some hope though for the unreleased titles that are known to be the pinnacle of their generation's consoles in Nintendo, such as F-Zero, Starfox, Zelda. If you remember the last three generations, these games pushed the limits of the console they were on. Example: Starfox for SNES, and Starfox Assault for GC, Zelda Majora's mask for N64, F-Zero for the Gamecube.
    Completely agree, Intel should not be in the GPU business, and them thinking their GPU's can make their way into a next-gen gaming console (from N or otherwise) is laughable. I have a lot of respect for Intel's CPU's and network IC's, both rock solid for the last many years. But it's really hard to try and find a decently priced laptop on the shelf without the crappy Intel X series GPU in it, unless you aren't a gamer, of course.

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