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Thread: Wii U Already Running Homebrew

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dapianokid View Post
    How come we weren’t so scared about breaking an entire wii when we first started hacking them? I mean team Twiizers was just likke “lets go for it” and did something incredibly dangerous and it could’ve been a sneeze that wasted 150 dollars back then, and now, even 50 bucks seems to much to me to risk. But dudes, lets just try it!!

    Ramaeth, game exchange is INDEED the way to go, I got a GC and a DC and a SS all for less than 100 bucks. I can get a GC for 20 bucks and games go for like nothing on ebay. The GC is going the way of the Gameboy. I think playing GC games on wiiU will rock, however, there is virtual arcade....... lol
    Because the economy was booming back in 2006. Now it is crap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SNES_Master View Post
    Even if Devolution was optimized for use on WiiU it wouldn't work, you still need a GC until teudj makes it able to use Wii Classic cons like he's stated he will, it won't work on WiiU.
    I predict that Nintendo will release a wireless gamecube controller for the Wii U. It will come out for the New Smash Bros. It just has to. I mean. I CANNOT play Smash Bros with ANY OTHER CONTROLLER. It will be a commemorative thing, like how we had a golden classic controller for the new Golden eye? (whose online, might I add, I rued.)

    The only way they won't release a new controler IMO is if the play style of Brawl is much different. Anyone play Sony's Battle Royal?

    But looking at the Nintendo's regular controller or whatever you call it it has a diamond button configuration like the 360 and PS3, with a bit different spacing (which I hate). The gamecube's button configuration were so unique. Using the Y button as a safety for your guns in MGS Twin Snakes? Genius. And something about Wind Waker too.

    Devolution requires disc check to run games but currently Dios Mios doesn't. And I'd hate to see piracy nab nintendo this generation as it did the last. As I would also find it a bother to switch to my old wii to play my GC games.

    And, if Nintendo plans on having GC virtual console, surely that can be exploited, ya?

    Quote Originally Posted by oddgriffin View Post
    Lol, we have places like game exchange near where I live. They sell gamecubes for like 50 bucks or less and carry almost any game title you can imagine for a few bucks a piece. You can send me the 1000 bucks and I will pick them up for you lol.
    What's the name of that store? A new MGS TS goes for $150 on Amazon, and Gamestop to my disappointment has done away with that generation

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    @cwjakesteel: the difficult thing about making GC games VC downloads is that the Wii U has 32gb at most (25 usable) so between game saves and various other things it will be tough to fit GC games as well. And how many of us who've spent all that hard earned money on the GC games in the past will want to buy them again if we can just rip them and USB load? Though I guess we can store excess data on an external drive (must be a special Wii U only format). But I'd rather just play my legal game backups than have to spend more on them again. I'm projecting GC Virtual Console games will be $15-$20 (if N64 is $10 you know GC will be more)

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