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Thread: Unofficial - WII U GENERAL CHAT THREAD

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDaddy View Post
    Don't forget CoD2 (for those non-XBox folks) and Dragon Warrior 10 (which, albeit, is slated for release on the Wii U AND the Wii, so that's a moot point I guess). I'm also waiting for Zelda, Metroid, and Kid Icarus games to be released. I just hope they deviate from the same 'ole "Soap Opera and Puzzles" cliche that started with the N64, 'cause I love Metroid but Other M was just a flop IMHO. As far as the day 1 update goes, you can download it in the background, and then apply the update once it's been completely downloaded. That way, you're not at least at the mercy of your ISP or a flaky Wifi signal.

    That, however, isn't always foolproof. My 5 year old son *almost* bricked the console this weekend. I was letting him play NSMBU and left the room. I was in the bedroom getting ready to do something grown-up and important (shovel snow, I think) when I looked out and saw a progress bar on the screen. Time to go investigate. By the time I got out there, his finger was on the power button.... [slow motion]"NOOOO......."[/slowmo]. Luckily, the disaster was averted. I still, for the life of me, have NO clue how he initiated the upload, since he was using a standard Wii remote.... not quite a kid-proof console.

    On the topic of Mario Bros.... I wouldn't consider it a complete remake. Yes, it does use the same assets (graphics, sounds) and the same levels, in the same order (you can expect the desert to be World 2), and the same Star Coin concept, however, it does implement different power-ups, different bad guys, and different levels. All in all, if you're a Mario fan, I would highly recommend it.
    To my knowledge, DQX hasn't been offically announced in any region other than Japan, yet. Wii version has been out since earlier this year, and people who bought the Premium Wii U in Japan got access to the Wii U Beta, expected to be out sometime in 2013. I'm predicting that North America will see the Wii U version only in 2014. I don't think we will see a Wii version here since it require the use of a USB device for game data.

    Mario U is great, if you like Mario games. I'd consider it the best of the 4 "New Mario" games that are out there.

    Sounds like your son launched a different game that didn't have a game patch yet. But yes, you don't want to lose power during an update process.

    If you are asked for an update and you tell it to do it later, it will download in the background and install on the next boot or next time the game launches (Depending if it's a system or game update). Also, when you're done playing you can tell it to shut down when all updates are complete. It will then finish downloading, all installs, then shut down. Nice thing to do before going to bed when you know there are updates hanging out there.

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    About to retire my old Wii (going to keep it obviously, just disconnecting it and putting it in a box). I just got my WiiU and sadly I don't have enough room to hook up both right now. Maybe sometime I can make room for both + the 360 :P but for now only 1 can be connected.

    2007-2012, good long run. 5yrs of awesome awesome gaming.

    Oh boy, this big's taking forever! I better not lose signal and brick during the update or I'll be beyond mad.

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