I'm not new to the game here, but it's been a while so I consider myself a newbie at this point. Previously, I was happy using USB Loader GX and backing up my existing games and that has always worked for me and then loading vgax from the channel and emulating my GBA backups.

Now since that there are so many other options, I tried to get Wii Flow to work, but it never really worked out and I was quite intrigued by the fact you could change sources from Wii to GBA or GC and view an entire collection from various systems in one place.

Right now, USB Loader GX runs my Wii backups and seems to run all my GameCube backups (It works, just not interested in trying to get WiiFlow to operate right now). Now that's great, but I'd really love to be able to view all my backups from GBA, just like WiiFlow and lauanch them from USB Loader GX. Are there any plugins for USB Loader GX with the same capabilities?

For reference here is a video of WiiFlow performing the task I'd like USB Loader GX to do: