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I had Wii Shop v21 installed with the new IOS and performed a Wii -> Wii U transfer without any problems. All Miis, game save data, and WiiWare/VC channels in the NAND gets copied to SD and then copied back off into the Wii U. All Wii Shop purchase data and remaining points is sent along too, so any WiiWare/VC stored in SD channel will be moved over as well so you can redownload the games for no additional charge. Any .WAD installed channels in system memory or SD channel will not be copied over.

After this has taken place, you won't be able to play the games on your Wii anymore, as the rights to play them has been moved, so any games still in SD will show up, but not be playable.

Those legitimate purchased thave have been moved to the Wii U, when Wii U VC launches this spring, will let you rebuy the game if you choose for $1 for NES or $1.50 for SNES games that you've already bought once on the Wii. If you didn't buy the game on the wii , or didn't migrate your data over, then you'll have to pay the full price ($5 or $8 respectively) for the games. So if you have a lot of purchased WiiWare/VC, it would be a good idea to get them moved over. Once the Wii U versions come out, you can then play them on the gamepad.

(From now until July, they will have one game per month for 30 cents for 30 days in the Wii U eShop. This month is Balloon Fight).
Thank you for all those details. I'm probably going to engage on the VC preview period...even if I don't like all of those games they're 30 cents anyway so why the heck not? Lol. Luckily I don't have too many VC/WiiWare games on my Wii so the whole "buy your games again for $1- $1.50" isn't a huge disappointment I guess (though I still think we should get the Wii U versions for free if we already bought them...greedy to make us pay again).