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Thread: To update or not to update the wii u

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    I read something scary recently about the Wii U updating in the background without asking which could prove bad and brick the Wii U among other nasty things once we have substantial soft mods. I won't go into detail here about what is wrong about doing what the site claims it does so read for your selves. I am not sure when or if Nintendo will keep using this feature of the Wii U aside from the day one update that used it I can see it being used to counter exploits and we need to find a way to disable it even if it means installing the safe updates like we did using Wads on the Wii.

    Read about it here

    Aside from this rather scary bit of news, updating is going to be very much a requirement in the near future for the Wii U if you want to take advantage of any new features or optimizations to the system, I don't even want to know what kind of issues dynamic updates to games are going to possibly cause for users playing game backups of Wii U games in the future when Homebrew rises to the glory of the Wii.
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