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Thread: 4:3 Homebrew Issue

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    4:3 Homebrew Issue

    I recently followed the Lego Batman vWii softmod, but it has left my Homebrew running in 4:3 aspect.

    Here's what my ultimate goal is:

    I'd like to have a USB loader installed as a channel. I'm honestly a little scared to continue because every fix I've searched for seems to either send me in circles or doesn't install right.

    Could anyone point me into the right direction?

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    The solution is right at the top of the vWii guide just download and launch the attached app and you'll get it in 16:9 again.

    If you don't see it let me know and I'll try to link it here.

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    I think you mean this

    Quote Originally Posted by cjizzle View Post
    Note regarding the 4.0.0 update released on September 30, 2013: This update causes the Homebrew Channel and all apps launched within to run in a 4:3 aspect ratio. The reason for this happening is explained by tueidj below:


    Tueidj has released a workaround app that you can download directly from his website here:
    aspect_fix. After completion of this guide, download the aforementioned app and extract it directly to the sd:/apps folder. Launch the Homebrew Channel, then launch the aspect fix app. Your HBC will now run in 16:9 aspect ratio. Please note that this will need to be done each time you start Wii mode and launch the HBC, at least until a new version of the HBC is released.

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