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Thread: 2K Boss: ‘There are too many crappy games on Wii’

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheykh View Post
    heh, i saw. its sad really. but you can lead a horse to water, but you can't force it to drink!!

    and if he hates bill gates, will never own anything m$ (personally, professionally might be a bit harder to do...) then thats his choice, and i fully support it. don't understand it, nor do i condone it, but hey. its his dollar, and he can spend it how he chooses. =] me, i'll have a 360, my win 7 gaming computer, and my ps3 (in reverse order of course)
    moving to linux is an eye opener it beats win7 hands down, ok some stuff needs work but once you start to like it, its no bother fooling around with it and its fun too, I have a linux gaming computer (sounds funny) but I do lol, and gates well he only got where he got today from copying apple, anyway silent hill shattered memories cant wait for that it look like a cool game

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomlyPredictable View Post
    I second that!
    There are lot of crappy games for the wii.
    Only very few make a good console game for it.
    My opinion of Wii Games than don't SUCK are:

    Bully - Scholarship Edition
    Mario Kart
    Wario Ware smooth moves
    Super Smash Bros
    Zelda - Twilight Princess
    Excite Truck
    Guitar Hero franchise
    only a handful of wiiware and virtual console games such as sonic the hedgehog, streets of rage, paper mario, f-zero, uno, helix and some others...

    there may be more that you enjoy, but lets face it.
    The majority of wii games are pure suckages

    Yes, but all consoles have garbage titles, if you look at the ratio of games that make a "top list" as opposed to the games that come out for the system, the ratio is incredible for *any* system. Its like here's 5 garbage bags.... 4 out of 5 times when you reach in, you're grabbing a steaming pile.

    As stated before, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Everybody I talk to thinks Cooking Mama for DS is garbage, yet I thoroughly enjoy the game... to each their own, regardless of fanboyism. Well wait, *fuck* fanboyism. :P
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