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Thread: Lost on how to modify my wii

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    I really appreciate the understanding people. Thank you very much for taking the time to help me muddle through this.

    So, for my understanding then (Because it looks like you clarified alot here), this SoftMod I am going to do from the tutorial in your sig file, this is only going to get me as far as being able to DO other things. Laying the groundwork, so to speak.

    AFTER I do this SoftMod, I am still going to need to load programs or other 3rd party utilities to then DO what I want to do? Is this correct?

    That being the case (I had a fellow gamer mention to me that beyond that SoftMod in your sig file, I will also need a USBLoader(?), in order to actually see the images on my HDD?

    Again, I apologize for being new to this and not completely understanding. I will do the work and will do the reading, Its just I am not sure WHAT I need to read in order to educate myself completely.

    Could you please take me to the next step? I do appreciate your time, and mine is so torn between my IT company and my large family, if I don't attack this all at once, it would most likely get shelved for another 8months..and I am in the mood and have the time today to actually focus on this.

    I am going to hook up the Wii to another monitor next to me here at my desk and boot it up. That way I have my computer here in front of me, and I am going to print out the SoftMod directions and read through them (4 times! *smile*), and then step through the process step by step. I am able to follow directions pretty well, and assume I will not brick/break my unit. But once the SoftMod is done, I am unsure of where to go from there.

    Would you mind helping me with a list, or the names of the files (utilities) I will then need in order to complete this task?

    HomeBrew is already on there, but my doing this SoftMod will I need to 'reinstall' homebrew too? If not, it is already on the unit.

    What about the USBLoader(?), and/or WBFS Manager? are there versions or specific file names I need to find? And put on the SD Card?

    The end goal is to get the Wii to see my USB HDD, and recognize the folders on it that have .wbfs image files on it. As well as try and find the .ISO files of the disks that were destroyed by a rampant 3yr old and a sharpie pen!

    Your direction and knowledge are truly appreciated. Again thank you for your time, I look forward to your response.


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    Damn dude...Read some. You can't be spoonfed everything! Do you want to send your Wii to one of us to mod for you next?
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    Seeing as OP wants to be keep playing 20 questions with not much research on his own part, he has the info he needs and the means to find any other answers to his questions here on the forum, thread closed...

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    Awesome. Immortalized as .readsome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Javadog
    I have begun the reading. Again my apologies, the goal was not to sound like I wanted to be hand held or have someone do the work for me. That was the reason for me saying again and again, (1) I appreciate your time (2) I am very busy and want to make sure I am doing the right thing before I do it. Yes, I realize I should have started reading the SoftMod documentation first, and I am sorry I didn't. But again, it was not because I wanted to have someone else do the work for me (I wouldn't own my own IT consulting company if I expected others to 'do the work for me').

    That being said, (sure wish I could have offered this up in the thread, instead of it looking like I am just another noob trying to sponge off others), I see now how the steps work.

    I borrowed the Lego Starwars from my neighbor, so I have a good disk to use to do the softmod using that disk. Formatting my SD card now, and getting all my tools ready to go.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to me here, and please offer my apologies to the others who have offered up their help. My goal was not to offend.

    atleast he's sorry and trying..

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