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Thread: Anyone using D2All ?

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    Unhappy Anyone using D2All ?

    i'm using ntsc-u wii with wiiclip and d2all works well with ntsc backups..
    but none of the pal backups work...
    anybody using d2all and playing pal backups??
    i tried to change the region setting and/or brick block and/or remove update
    and/or patch with ntsc update...
    just couldn't get them work...
    i know pal version has different video i also used wiifrii for video patching.. still..nothing is working.. some get error reading disc from the start.. some get black screen after start.

    but according to

    Technical Specifications:

    · Compatible with DMS, D 2A , D2B, D 2C , D 2C -2 and D2E* chipsets
    · Compatible with all regions, USA , JAP and PAL (Europe , Australia & Korea ) 100% all in one solution
    · Compatible with D2B "cut pin" drives (does not require the cut pins to be connected)
    · Fully configurable and updatable via DVD
    · Advanced automatic region detection with fallback (works even if a drive is changed to a different region Wii)
    · Region override for Wii and Gamecube games
    · Direct Boot of Wii original, import, and backup games
    · Direct Boot of Gamecube original, import, and backup games
    · Direct boot of homebrew in GC mode
    · Supports multi-disc games, DVD-R, +R, +RW (no bitsetting required)
    · Supports Dual Layer
    · Supports factory made 'silvers', even with incorrect header data
    · Supports, SMG, SSBB, Mario Kart and other 'problem' titles
    · Streaming audio-fix for Gamecube games
    · Diskspeed configurable via DVD, with separate settings for different media types
    · Recovery mode makes it impossible to brick the chip with a bad flash
    · Onboard JTAG interface for in-system updates of FPGA core if necessary**
    · 1Mbit onboard flash for storing data and applications
    · Rock solid performance with 1.5V FPGA core and high quality components
    · Onboard status LEDs

    The main advantage of D2all chip

    * Stable & highly compatibility .
    * The real all in one solution for Wii .
    * Lower wire count (only 5- 9 wire)
    * Upgradability function.
    * No need any switch or soldering to select the region & model of console .
    * Recovery Mode

    should work without converting right??
    also it says configuration and update from dvd.. but no firmware or utilities found on website..

    bought this pre-soldered to wiiclip from OZ
    i have problem with wiiclip not working properly(OZ couldn't help me with this issue)..i have to try several times to clip it on the d2c chip everytime i play. it won't work next time i turn on the wii even if it worked...for that reason i have to take if off and put it on again and again..i know.. it will wear the clip's pins...but unless i solder d2all to the chip or buy another wiiclip.. this is the only way i can play...
    anyhow.. i'm sure problem with the wiiclip is not the issue...infact i'm just glad that d2all works...but not as i thought......but maybe it will play original pal games? and not backups?

    please ..since d2all is not yet popular.. i couldn't find answers..
    anybody with any!

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    ive never even heard of it o.x

    but i know Pal has about a 50% work rate, to get 100% in all regions, i would just boot in gecko OS

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