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Thread: D2Pro9 V3 vs. Wasabi V3 for New Wii

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    Quote Originally Posted by PigVenus View Post

    I guess this is my excuse to get one of the new SATA DVD burners. Pioneer has never done me wrong, but I guess my old DVR-111D is tired (and it should be - it has been well used). One of the new features of the DVR-x16 is supposed to improve on burn quality.

    Still seems like the PI errors should be OK and other backups work OK even with similar numbers... just the one game seems hypersensitive to ANY burn errors. Also, I only use Taiyo Yuden premium discs and always burn at 4x. From Nero DVD Speed, 4x gives me the best burn on my present hardware.

    Guess I'll hold my D2C drive in reserve...
    if you want to obtain optimal performance or readability of your wii backups...use alcohol 120% at 4x..your D2C wii will love it. Guaranteed.
    Thanks everyone for the great support.
    Hope to hear from you soon, cause i'm getting ready to retire from the modding scene.
    Gonna start a new profession.

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    Ok, got my Pioneer DVR-216 burner. Re-burned the backup and now it works perfect. Interestingly enough, Nero's CD/DVD Speed shows about the same PI Error Max/Fail statistics as before, but the backup works flawlessly now.

    However, after investigating this particular Pioneer model I've found that the results are sketch when used with Taiyo Yuden TG02 media (which is what I have). However, it hasn't caused me any problems yet. I think next time I will buy the slightly-more-expensive TG03 media (16X rated) or maybe even Verbatims.

    I always use ImgBurn at 4X - I've found this gives the best results.

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    good to know, I also find that ImgBurn @ 4x gives the best results.
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