The Channel Remover Is Only That What It Does Is Remove The Extra Channels Cause Cause Yesterday The Same Thing Happen To 2 Of My Wii And I Exhausted Nonestop The Wiihack And Wiiscene And Nothing Yet I Semi Bricked Mines With Pal Wiifit So I Need To Wait For The Usa Wiifit Hpefully It Will Re Update With Correct Version Or Wait For More Latest Update When It Comes Out To Overwrite The Pal Going Back To The Original Firmware Cause It Is Lockked To Usa Thats Why That Feature Is Locked Out Cause It Needs It Original Usa Firmware To Work Properly So Just Wait For Later Firmware Update Than The 1 You Updated With And The Next 1 Only Always Use Usa Ntsc If Thats Your Wii Version ...hope This Clarifys Peace.