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Couple question:

I live in the U.S. inh Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

1) Is there anywhere online i can buy pre modded wii's?
I bought mine from uexboxmods.com

2)if i buy a wii from a store, what is the best current mod chip and why?
Argon w/ the programmer is the best.

3)Whats the difference between wiikey and d2ckey?
Wiikey is only 6 wire install, d2ckey is a 31 wire install. Wiikey is upgradeable by DVD, d2ckey I think is too. Both chips work good, but d2ckey is better.

4)do mod chips play all wii games?
Yes, if you make them correctly. Most chips can play all USA games and can play 90% of import games.

5)Can i play online games with backup/downloaded games?
Yes you can, just don't update with a burned disc unless you know it's the correct region for your Wii.

6)whats the percentage rate of wii's bricking after instaling mod chips?
Get it installed by professional people and you won't have this issue.

7)whats a good site to send my wii to get modded?

I just purchased my premodded nintendo wii from uexboxmods.com - They sell Premodded Wii's with Argon's w/ the programmers (the one I got). They also sell the d2ckey nintendo wii's premodded. They ship overnight too, and have great email response and have 100% on ebay. They are good!!!