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Thread: is a chip really worth it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugcola View Post
    ugh dont remind me coke runs through my body and im trying to stop drinking it. anyway back on topic sent an email to modchip-depot asking if my wii would be good for the wasabi dx/clip bundle want to make sure before i spend the cash put in my # and got a * There is a 75% chance the chipset is GC2-D2C2 (v2) and the drive has the new metal clip.
    * And there is also a 25% chance the chipset is GC2-D2C (v1).

    which draws me a blank since im not sure if thats good or a kick in my ass anyone else have a wii that said the same?
    pretty sure the dx/zero is compatible with both of them. your good to go.

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    It took me 3 months to give up coke! i was craving it bad and drinking it in secret! lol - i had an easier time givin up weed a few yrs ago! As for chips, they are worth getting if you can afford it and are not afraid to open up your case (i am - i hate wires!) as they are a lot less hassle than softmodding, go with whatever bsmalley suggests as he knows his stuff...

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    alright thanks for your input

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    This is really no different than Satan and Hades fighting over who is right. We're all technically wrong for softmodding or putting a modchip in our Wiis. What we should be doing is going out and buying the games.

    I'll get off my soap box now.

    Oh and... Pepsi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasons34 View Post
    I will never buy a chip for any of my consoles. First off in time they will burn out or burn something in the console. Another reason I wont buy a chip is because they void the warrenty. I have had my wii softmodded for almost a year now and out of the 200+ games I have burnt, everysingle one of them work.
    That is not true, the chip doesnt burn out or cause something to burn out. If anything you are more likely to get a chipped console serviced for warranty vs a softmodded as they check for softmod tampering.

    Anyways the way to go these days is with drivekey or wasabi dx
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