Hi guys!!

just signed up tonight I've been doing modding for a while and I keep my eye on the scene every now and again.

Anyways the bought kids a wii few weeks ago, and 4 games and now only 2 of the games work cos scratched to badly, so the kids got a rollocking and I bought a couple of wiikeys (genuine) I dont mind buying the games but when they dont play it pisses me off!!

so I'm more than competant to fit them cos doing our LEH132****** and also my mates LEH125***** both 3 legs off I've looked at the diagrams and seems fairly straight forward.

But is there anything I need to know before I go ahead, Like,
updates? for chip and or console?
can I use the traces/tracks instead of getting a dremel out on the chip? ( wiikey site plans are a bit outdated)
I need to burn some kind of setup disk and set region or somat????

basically I just wanna make sure I know all I need to know before i do it.
I've done countless xbox, ps2 and a few 360's this will be first wii to be done by me.

feel free to PM me with any help you think I need, cos hunting the net , I have found a heap of info , but knowing whats correct and whats new or outdated , aint so easy! at times.