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Thread: Apps and Wads.. What are they?

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    great but just something i noticed there in the first post.

    At first it says apps like usb loaders / backup loaders on the SD card / usb can be run from the source via the hbc and can be deleted without touching the system
    but then in the second paragraph it says that usb loaders are installed as channels via wads.

    bit confussed cant you just run the usb loaders/ backup loaders from the SD card via the hbc without installing them as channels (wads)?

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    Yes you can. There are 3 different ways you can install and launch most loaders.

    1. As an app in HBC, launched from the HBC
    2. From a "forwarder channel" which is a channel installed that links to the app in the HBC. (Basically it is just a "shortcut" to the HBC app)
    3. As an actual channel, no HBC app needed. This takes up much more memory on the Wii and generally will not be recommended.

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