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Thread: my personal golf trainer.

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    the game runs right!!!

    I've got a blue wii these Christmas and before install homebrew and usb loader gx I load "My personal golf trainer" in PAL mode (I'm from Spain) by WBFS Manager into my hard disc I tried to run it but the game didn't work it (black screen and afterwards wii main menu). Today I've found out "the light" here.

    I've followed your instructions and I've managed it. The game works right.

    I run settings game and put:

    IOS: 222
    002 Error: ON
    Alternative DOL: player.dol

    I saved it and run but I only could watch "Wii motion plus" video, but no working.
    Then I change
    Alternative DOL: opening.dol
    I run it and, ta-ta-ta-chan it works right. I've seen three first drills and videos (grip, takeaway 8 o'clock and half swing) twice!! (after swichting wii off)

    Well done. Good advice!!

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    glad that you had success, hope the golf is as successful

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