I bought this game way back when i got the Wii under the assumption it was region free like my PS3 i bought Siren for that and it worked great. Yes; i was wrong. so after i soft modded my system my first order of duty download it and in english. Whoo Hooo Right?..

Nope, it would freeze before the start game even popped up. after a bit of frustration i clicked on the game pressed 1 for options and turned on everything that looked like a fix, force NTSC, VIDTV Patch and all that, hell, why not I have gone this far to play this game whats a broken Wii or two; saved (Pressed 2) and whoo hoo again, NOT.

The game itself was now the problem. getting it to run should be no problem with those fixes in the options menu for the game, at least for me it worked . but the game itself is buggy. i have noticed a couple issues so far for instance in chapter 4 when your in the basement power room after you turn on the power a ghost appears, DO NOT FOLLOW IT, unless of course your plan was to get off your butt and hard start your Wii, than by all means. instead go to the elevator you powered and to chapter 5

Since I am still playing this game i will edit and update this post later with anymore big bugs i come across. as well as the exact things i have checked in my settings for the game.

But for now i thought i would get this out there and possibly it may be of use to someone also frustrated trying to run this.