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Thread: Black Ops still wont work even after following steps.

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    Black Ops still wont work even after following steps.

    Hi, I have Wii running 4.2U Im trying to use USB loader GX or WiiFlow and my Black Ops back up loads on neither. I have installed the .wads sudgested (ios249[57] and ios224[57]) When I attempt to load it on either loader i get the same issue. Setting it to 222, 223, or 224 allows the game to load, but it still freezes when it gets to the loading screen. 249 and 250 wont even get that far. They just get stuck on a black screen in USBloader and the 'please wait' screen on WiiFlow. Im new to this and not the most knowledgeable yet. I lack some understanding, but I know a bit. Any suggestions? Thanks in adv

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    If only we had anticipated having a guide you could read over, then post in if you had a question for this immensely popular game.. I bet we'd make it a sticky in this section, too.

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