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Thread: 007: James Bond Goldeneye [GUIDE]

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    i think youll just have to get a new one =(

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    Quote Originally Posted by aclaw4u View Post
    ya no luck for me either. im running 3.2 with neogamma R9 Beta 47 on cios 249 rev 14. any help would be much appreciated. first game ive had trouble with.
    Hi! you said about "you found a scrubbed image" what do you mean? I also have the problem with the disc read error after playing the tutorial level in the game.

    Pleas help ?

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    Hi! you said about "you found a scrubbed image" what do you mean?
    it means instead of ripping his 'game disc' himself, he downloaded a copy of it via usenet/BT... classic fail on his part...

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    Hi everyone. Just bought this game and tried to copy it to my softmodded wii. When the disc is inserted in the normal home screen, it sounds like it is struggling to read the disc, tries a few times then the screen goes blank with a message saying error, eject the disc and turn off. In USB loader, the game will rip, but will make a big long list of read errors. Attempting to play that rip, it makes no sound when game is selected, and selecting start simply returns to the Wii home screen.

    I am guessing I have a bad disc (was one of those stores that keeps them in a cardboard sleeve behind the counter). I have tried cleaning, and polishing the disc. Just wanted to check before I return it and pray they still have the other copy.

    BTW, happy new year everyone!

    Thanks in advance.

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