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Thread: Is anyone else having this problem with NSMB?

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    Anyone had the problem of losing your nsmb save file? I was up to the snow levels and then the next time i switched it on, it's gone! Help?
    Wii softmodded USB loader FTW

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    Quote Originally Posted by joemamawilder View Post
    I had problems with NSMB using WiiFlow and USBLoader GX. I have the un-patched iso file. Another thread i was reading mentioned the current revision of WiiFlow had the patch for NSMB, so there would be no need to patch the game itself. Hey, it WORKED.

    cIOS249 rev17
    Sys. Menu 4.2U
    NSMB - NTSU (un-patched) running on IOS249
    WiiFlow R25 (249)
    So what is Is Wii FLow better than usb loader?

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    So what is Is Wii FLow better than usb loader?
    Well, I'm not saying that. I do use WiiFlow the most often, but always keep on hand a few USB Loaders. Just wanted to let some people know what got NSMB working for me, so others could enjoy. Cheers.

    -->I would say since most of the USB loaders are now open-source projects, the functionality of the current rev. of all the loaders are likely similar.
    Wii 4.1U
    cIOS249[56]-v21 d2x v7 and others / Hermes v4 & v5.1R
    BootMii on IOS / Priiloader v0.7
    WiiFlow v2.2 / CFG USB Loader v70

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