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Thread: Help! Playing Custom GH3 Discs

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    Help! Playing Custom GH3 Discs

    Okay, I'm hoping someone can help me out.
    My current status: Have an updated NTSC Wii (updated to most recent firmware, 3.3u). Have a WiiKey installed. All my burned games have always worked, no problem, including GH3 and Aerosmith.

    I do NOT currently have Freeloader, Geckos, or WAD installed. I'm not really sure about these things, I don't really know what they are/do. So to be clear, the ONLY modification on my Wii is a modchip that is installed, there is NO alterred software.

    My question: Is there any way to play custom GH3 discs, like the Rock Band Cosmos edition and Gh1/2/80's? I've read that since I've already updated to 3.3 I can't install the software needed to run these things.

    Anyways, I'm not sure what to do to make those things work, or if there is any way.

    So: Can I play the custom discs? If yes, can anyone walk me through what I need to do? IE: What I need to install and in what order? (And how?)


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    yes u still can, if u have already downloaded a custom guitar hero, then use wum, or brickblocker to remove the update in it, then u burn it and it will work on a wii with 3.3 firmware. Make sure that the game is in ur same region.

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    My understanding is that it will not work on a 3.3 wii without using Geckos if its a Trucha signed game

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