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Thread: New Super Mario Bros Guide For SD Card only

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greeee View Post
    No no, got that, even saved the link, its when going through the registry to find the specific folder, I don't have what they're pointing out.

    I appreciate the help bud. Giving up tonight, as I'm knackered, but going to see if I can use a crappy flash stick. Just have to figure out how to get round the stupid CDFS formatting, as its a company flash which has been given to me, but has an autorun script to promote the company.

    Damn this isn't easy! lol.

    I do want to conquer the SDHC card though, as would be awesome to be able to put stuff on there as well!

    I do hope you get your screen sorted bud. Have you tried looking on something like Freecycle for a free monitor, doesn't need to be LCD, I gave a few CRT's away a few weeks ago (although I'm UK).
    Just means you've a screen to work with till you can afford a decent one.
    sweet ill look into that.. i think i know what folder your looking for but you know.. screen..

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    Yeah. Remember, Freecycle!
    Its a gay yahoo groups thing, but the stuff you can get through it, its worth putting up with a substandard forum for it.

    Just thinking of doing a USB Flash Stick, yet both that I've got here as spares, both have a CDFS partition, which needs removed. WBFS doesn't see the drives either, so that sucks.
    So back to the SDHC card for ease atm.

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    If this is any help to anyone, hears a simpler way i used to get this going.

    1 - Just get any SD card at least 512mb or over. Insert into your pc or reader and right click and format the card to fat32.

    2 - Open WBFS 3.0 available on first post and then format the card with it. You should be able to see your card even if its in a reader connected to your pc as a removable device.

    3 - Next using WBFS 3.0 just add the NSMB iso and load to the card. This will show as 0.34gb. It is important here to use the iso that is stripped of its protection, this is the one i used available on most torrent sites.

    4 - Then insert card into Wii and turn it on. Use neogamma 7 and select SD/HC card and press A. Then select Mario game and all works well.

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