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Thread: [GUIDE] New Super Mario Bros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crackinhedz View Post
    ok here is my syscheck
    You need to update your cios's.Link->D2x Cios Installation.

    Quote Originally Posted by GirlKillu
    I have an older Drivekey, bu i have updated it using the Jtag to its latest version. But i am still not able to play PAL NSMB, i have downloaded a few different PAL versions, (one with correct size (clean?), one with differnt size(scrubbed?), and one that came out of a 350mb file) none of them work.
    Normally when the drivekey is updated you don't have to patch the iso right? Or do i still have path it using scrubber?
    I hope somebody can help, or pm me a torrent link for a clean iso that will work on the drivekey.
    Please re-frame from asking for Torrent Links and please Do Not mention anything about Downloading Games, without mentioning that you own the original copy.
    Thank You!
    P.s.Thread Jacking is not Allowed either.
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    Hello. I'm new so hopefully I did post this in the wrong forum.

    I'm trying to play a NSMBW ntsc backup through the Gecko OS to use some hacks and every time I try to load the game it will load up to Loading title... and then say disc read error. It plays perfectly through neogamma but it won't play at all through Gecko whether the cheats are on or off. My specs are:

    Wii version - 4.3u
    IOS 249
    Softmodded Wii

    Any help would be much appreciated!!

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    I am currently looking through this long thread to find an answer to my issue, but so far no answers that I can understand right now. I will keep looking, but the issue I am having is that I've borrowed 2 of my friends games, and made backups of them so he doesn't have to wait for me to return the disk for him to play the games. The two games are New Super Mario Bros. and Pikmin 2. I can't seem to get them to work on my wii. Or rather I should say that I can only get it to work in black and white with lines going across the screen when I use the component cables... My TV is an older one with only composite and an s-video port. Is there any way to fix this, or would I have to get a TV that has component ports? I don't quite mind the black and white too much if that cannot be helped, but the lines are annoying. x-x

    EDIT: Also when I change the resolution to 480P it makes everything look like it's in split screen mode. Two screens side by side with the same thing on both.
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    Appriciate the guide dave.

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