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Thread: CSI Deadly Intent Reset

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    Has this thread run out of steam?

    I too have the same problem, as described by many here, softmodded 4.1e USB loader GX, throws back to main menu when trying to load mission. I was hoping some one would have fixed it by the time I got to the end of the thread but seems not. Haven't burnt to disc as I am not that bothered about playing the game really, but it bugs me that ths is the only game on my USB drive that won't run properly, even NSMB is 100% OK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gypsygirl13 View Post
    I'm on 4.1U(hardmodded) I can work it on the disc channel but not on usb loader. Tried using ios 249, 222, 233 on cfg usb loader but it always resets my wii after choosing the first mission.
    I'm going to try to finish the first mission (later today) then I'll try again with usb loader see if it might work then.

    What settings did you use on Disc Channel to get it to play?
    I used to have this running on NeoGamma, but since the SoftMod upgrade I did, it won't. I have fiddled with settings in Disc Channel but no luck.

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