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Thread: I need Mario Kart Wii help.

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    1. We already commented on your post and offered you "help".
    2.You want to cheat and cheaters are lame.
    3.Go Practice sucking less then you wont have to cheat.
    4.Go write a games where you the only player who races in a straight line with no opposition.Se how fun that'll be.
    5.Go sit in a parked car and make car noises an pretend you race better than on the Wii.

    * Man i am grumpy this morning.Sorry gszwabowski no offense intened.
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    Actually, I see what the original guy is saying. Sorry Gszw, the track may LOOK solid, but I can almost guarantee if the falling boundary was removed, you would just fall straight through it. It's very common in games to make background scenery just textures, and not solid. Example: Getting into towns in oblivion without using the door (going over the walls). Houses look ok, but can be walked straight through.

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