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Thread: Do you like the Nintendo Wii?

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    well as for me i dont have xbox but then wii is one of the best console i ever play and oso it can link up with nintendo ds .. not just only that u get to go online and play multiplayer game.... also if u hacked the wii u can even play emulator and oso download wiiware which is wii channel for free rather than buyin it.. there are a lot of games which re extremely fun like monster hunter tri which is good for online multiplayin and oso call of duty modern warfare reflex for fps multiplayer shooting and finally mario kart wii which is for racing multiplayer which u can compete internationally round the world .. and there re a lot of games which re pretty good like trauma center which is surgery and oso guitar hero for rhythm game and many more ... also got fitness game like wii fit plus , ea sport and so on... ahh!! there re jus too many games which re extremely cool and fun to play and u jus have to experience urself!!!

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    WHAT is the point in bumping an almost 3 YEAR OLD THREAD!?!?!

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