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Thread: Wii Remote not working after using it with Triforce

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    Wii Remote not working after using it with Triforce

    I have 2 Wii remotes; the one that came with the Wii and another one which I purchased in a store. Whenever I play a .wad game in Triforce with the one I bought in the store, the remote stops working the next time I use it. The only way to get it working again is to re-sync it with the red buttons on the Wii and remote. This never happens with the remote which came with the Wii. Can anybody explain why this is happening? I suspect the remote I bought in the store has different coding or something like that?

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    It happened to me with certain games when I was using Triiforce. Try Mighty Channels (link in signature). It is Triiforce MRC renamed and updated.
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