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Thread: USB Loader GX: USB stick too small

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    USB Loader GX: USB stick too small

    I spent days waiting for Wii Sports to download, and I just figured out that my only USB stick is slightly too small for the ISO.

    My USB stick is 3.84 GB, FAT32.
    Wii Sports.iso is 4.37 GB.

    I've read somewhere that the file size of the actual game data can be very small while the initial size can be deceptive, or is that only the case when burning from DVDs?

    Can USB Loader GX play an ISO from a compressed file? If I put it in a .rar or .zip and compress it to fit on the drive, can I then play it on the Wii?

    Can I separate the file into two parts and put one on USB and the other on the SD card and play it that way?

    I'm desperate! Help is appreciated

    Also, does there need to be something on the USB stick for USBloaderGX to recognize it? Or is FAT32 not correct? It loads up after waiting for slow HDD and says USB Device Not Found!

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    I spent days waiting for Wii Sports to download,
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